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If you knew that your life was merely a phase or short, short segment of your entire existence, how would you live? Knowing nothing 'real' was at risk, what would you do? You'd live a gigantic, bold, fun, dazzling life. You know you would. That's what the ghosts want us to do - all the exciting things they no longer can. - Chuck Palahniuk



b a s i c s

NAME: Benjamin Sorenson
NICKNAMES: Benji or Ben
BIRTHDAY: March 20
AGE: 28 (1990)

WEIGHT: 170 lbs.
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Blue

ORIENTATION: Confused. Fledgling bisexual. Firmly bisexual. Taken. Taken in spirit.

LANGUAGES: English, some Swiss, French, Arabic, and Hindi.

The Family: The Sorenson clan.

The Hope: Ronan Xander [info]skinned.

The Roommates: Open.

f a m i l y, etc

MOTHER: Catherine
FATHER: Richard
SIBLINGS: Justine (b. 1992), Alexander (b. Feb 1996), Daniel (b. 1999), Angeline (b. 2005)

FINANCIAL: Trust fund
OCCUPATION: Yoga Instructor

PAST: None of note.
ENEMIES: He's still learning this.

LIKES: Traveling, languages, religions, his family, Netflix, tea
DISLIKES: Bratwurst, sauerkraut, racism, anyone that would hurt his family, being alone, coffee

Benjamin's handwriting.

h i s t o r y

In the weeks preceding Benjamin's birth, his father decided to take his wife on one last trip before he was born. Against the advice of the doctors, Richard decided to take her anyway on a tour of the islands around Scotland. They spent a few days in London first, so he could get some business done before beginning their trek up north.

Catherine, Benjamin's mother, managed to talk her husband into taking along their midwife/nanny, Elsa. If she was going to be carted around all over creation, she was going to have someone there that was qualified to bring her baby boy into the world. She might be a debutante turned trophy wife, but she knew that there was no possible way she could do it on her own -- or that Richard could help.

Halfway through their trip, Catherine went into labor in the early evening. With no way off the island until the next morning, the three adults bunkered down for a long night. Benjamin, however, was not going to wait that long. In the dead of night, Elsa brought him screaming into the world and the Sorenson's had their first baby.

As soon as the boatman showed up the next morning, the family and Elsa left for the mainland so both mom and baby could be fully checked. A few days later, they were discharged from the hospital with a clean bill of health and they returned to their penthouse in New York City.

Even as an infant, Benjamin, or Ben as his father liked to called him, was fairly calm and even tempered. He had his moments of crying, as all babies do, but otherwise was an easy one to take care of -- something that continued through his teenage years.

When he was two, his mother and father had their second child -- a beautiful, squalling baby girl named Justine. If Ben had been the easy one to take care of, Justine was the loud one and at first, Ben had no idea what to do with her. It wasn't until Justine was two, going on three, and their mother had a third child on the way that he began paying much attention to his younger sister.

She wasn't quite old enough to play with, but he learned his mother's tricks and their nanny's tricks on ways to quiet and calm her. A month before his sixth birthday, his mother gave birth to a second healthy baby boy, Alexander. And as soon as the family was able, Richard moved them from New York to London.

At first, Benjamin did not like the city at all and remained at home with his mother and siblings. Eventually Catherine managed to convince his father to let him be home schooled for a year or two before he entered a more formal school. Benjamin loved it, almost as much as he loved being at home with Justine and Alexander. The things he'd learned before to calm his sister, he used to help calm Alexander in his crib.

While his mother worried about him growing up too fast, it was clear that he took his responsibilities as older brother quite to heart. With his father frequently gone on one business trip or another, it was often only Benji, his siblings, his mother, and their nanny in the house and that was fine with him. He enjoyed caring for his siblings and the responsibilities that came with it.

However, his mother also knew that he needed to be around children his own age and encouraged him, actively, to befriend children in the neighborhood. It took him some time, but eventually he befriended two other boys: Nick and Jack. However, even with their friendship, he was careful to take care of all his schoolwork and his family before he would leave the house to play with them.

His mother talked his father into keeping him at home for another year and Richard agreed, much to Benjamin's delight. Before the year was up though, they had to move yet again for Richard's job. His employer needed him in Switzerland, and so they all moved to Geneva. Catherine was pregnant with her fourth child, another boy and within a few months of arriving, Daniel was born.

With the arrival of a fourth child in the house and due to the fact hat Benji did not know French nor Swiss, his parents decided to continue to have him tutored at home. Making friends this time was harder, due to lack of a shared language, but eventually Benjamin began to pick up pieces of both French and Swiss during his first year there. The second year brought in a tutor for both languages and his ability to speak them increased dramatically, enough for him to befriend several boys that lived in the same building they did.

As he grew older, his responsibilities at home also increased. Though he was careful to maintain a balance between playing with his friends and staying at home to help his mother and his siblings, he also did his best to keep his grades up. Even as he learned more of the language, both he and his mother insisted he remain at home to be schooled, though Justine and Alexander were both enrolled in school.

In the evenings, after his own work was done, he frequently helped his siblings with their own school work. The next few years followed in much the same way: studying and caring for his own family. Four years after they arrived in Geneva, another tutor was added to Benjamin's already full schedule, but this one taught Arabic.

Richard knew another transfer was coming and he knew where he would likely go. All of the children and Catherine began learning the language and scarcely a year later, they were moved to Dubai.

After so much time in northern cities, Benjamin thought he would enjoy the heat of Dubai, but he hated it. The shopping did not appease his mother, they were all tired of moving, and the heat seemed to put everyone on edge. A month into their stay there, four bodyguards were assigned to Richard, after Justine had gotten into a small scuffle at school. Though Catherine and the two eldest Sorenson children knew it had little to do with Justine's fight, it wasn't until they learned that Richard would always have two of them with him at all times that they began to understand more.

Everyone in the family knew that Richard worked in finance, apparently no one knew quite what he was doing. After assuring Catherine it was all legal and he wouldn't talk about it to protect them, the bodyguards remained. Two would accompany Richard to work, one would always be at the house, and one would accompany anyone that left, but otherwise remain with the bulk of the family. At first, they were all on eggshells around these men -- men that Benji would later learn were former U.S. Seals.

The two that remained at the house were Mike and Gary. Benji never learned the names of the two that were always with his father -- but amongst the family, they always called them One and Two.

Once his mother began to relax around them, so did Benji. Enough that he finally asked if they would teach him and his oldest sister how to defend themselves. Given that Justine had been in a fight, Benjamin only thought it prudent for her to know. The rest of his siblings were far too small and with Catherine's blessing, three times a week they'd go into the back courtyard and learn.

Two months later, the family learned that Catherine was again pregnant with her fifth and final child. Together they decided not to learn the gender of the baby. It was a hard pregnancy for his mother and Benji did the best to take care of the younger children, his parents finally decided to keep Justine at home as well, and have her tutored along side Benji. It helped and the two eldest siblings grew inseparable.

A month after the newest addition was born, a healthy baby girl named Angeline, Richard arranged to be transferred back to London. An overjoyed family moved north again, along with the four bodyguards that they'd inherited.

Back in London, and now at the ripe age of fifteen, Benjamin was enrolled at Eton. With only his family to compare to, it wasn't until he began looking up the details of the school that he understood how privileged he was.

Not that it helped. Justine was sent to another school and one day, after coming home, Benji saw his sister being followed by a mixed group of boys and girls. A fight ensued, only this one landed her at home and him in the custody of the Metropolitan police. A beat cop, Louis Donovan, was in charge of his case until his mother and father both came to pick him up. It was the first time he'd ever really been in trouble and on a much more personal note, the first time he ever had a inkling that men, as well as women, might be attractive.

He was grounded for two weeks, Justine had a bloodied lip, two of the boys chasing her had black eyes, one had a broken nose, and the girls had run off without any real damage. Benji didn't feel the least bit sad.

It only made him practice harder with Mike and Gary. He made sure that Justine continued to join them.

Meanwhile, life at Eton was quite different than what he was used to. Benji still excelled at his classes, but it was the enforced time away from his family that required the biggest adjustment. Suddenly he had a much larger pool of people that he could befriend and at first, he did his best to hide in the crowd.

Most of the boys there already knew each other anyway and as soon as he picked the group that he wanted to hang out with, he started befriending them. After that, it was easy and they began to fill the time that he'd previously dedicated to his family. He still kept in frequent communication with them, particularly Justine, but the time apart was good for him.

Amongst his friends, he was widely known as the reliable one. The one they could leave their sisters with, the one that could be called to come pick them up if they'd had too much to drink at the pub, the one that took the best notes in class. Ben (as he was known to his Eton friends) enjoyed their regard. Many of them urged him to join the Polo team in his final year.

He did one better, and in his final year he was on both the polo and the rugby teams. Ben enjoyed the physical activity and as long as he maintained high marks in his classes, his parents were fine with him being on both teams.

The only thing he didn't seem to excel at was deciding his own future. While his peers were making plans on what Universities they wanted to go to, what jobs they hoped to hold when they completed school, Ben was completely lost.

One of his friends, Jay, finally suggested that he take a year off after finishing school and go traveling instead, see the world, take some time off to figure out what he really wanted from life. It seemed like the best option and after talking with his parents, his father agreed to pay for it, provided that Benji go to university after he returned.

Benji agreed and began making his plans. Jay agreed to go with him and after sitting their A levels, they left and made their way west. Their first stop was Ireland, then Iceland and Greenland. Chock full of all the history they could stand, they dipped south into France and the next few months were spent in a flurry of activity as they moved from France, to Italy, Spain, Greece. Every city they stopped in, they took in the history during the day, sometimes picking up girls, sometimes picking up guys to join them. At night, they jumped head first into the nightlife and for the first time in his life, Benji put down the mantle of responsible older brother and indulged himself in being a young adult.

That didn't mean that he didn't keep in contact with his family. Emails and texts were frequently exchanged, phone calls were less so, but he made a point of calling home at least once a week.

Fall was spent in Romania and the Czech Republic, followed by a return to Geneva. The city had changed little from the way that Benji remembered it, and they remained there into the early part of the winter before moving into the Alps. Though he had never skied before, nor snowboarded, he learned to do both before they left for Amsterdam and Germany.

Things started to change when they arrived in Norway at the beginning of the summer. They visited the fjords first, but Benji also talked Jay into exploring some caves as well. One cave they entered left him feeling completely different and that night was the first night that he heard the voice.

He didn't speak of it to Jay, nor to anyone in his own family. Not even when one became many, and they became more insistent, speaking to him randomly throughout the day as they traveled through Sweden and finished off their trip in St Petersburg, Russia. At first he thought it was just the stress of being gone, but the voices remained even when they returned home to London.

They never told him to do anything, or to harm anyone, but most of the time it was just talking. Conversations. Worried that he was going completely mad, he left his house early one morning, leaving only a note behind that read, 'Don't worry. I'll come back when I can.' Ben hated to do it, but he didn't want to add that worry onto his parents and Justine.

He voluntarily checked himself into a mental institute. The voices were quite insistent that he didn't need to be there and after a few weeks, Ben agreed. The drugs he was given at the institution didn't make him feel any better and it certainly didn't shut the voices up. It began to feel less like some damaged part of his psyche and more like... other people. Unsure of what else to do, he checked himself out and emptied the bank account that his father had opened for him when he was a young boy.

With nothing but cash and his passport, Benjamin disappeared. Whatever was going on in his head, he didn't want it coming back to his family.

Thinking it might help, he returned to Norway and the caves he'd visited before. The presences didn't leave, they only became more insistent. They weren't going anywhere. Nor would they allow Benji to hurt himself in the hopes of ridding himself of them.

What cannot change, one must adapt to. Mike had taught him that. Finally accepting the fact that something else was going on, he traveled further east, but not before he stopped in Geneva once more to open a Swiss bank account to store his money.

Ben visited Indian holy men that he'd only heard rumors of when he lived in Dubai. He visited Buddhist monasteries, retreats, all in the hopes of learning how to deal with the voices.

He meditated, went mountain climbing, started yoga -- anything he could do to push his body and his expand his awareness -- and finally, he started talking back. In February 2012, all his hard work paid off with the voices louder than ever. It took three long years of mental training for him to be able to speak with the spirits and find out what they needed to have in order to pass from this life to the next.

With his peace restored, Ben returned to Geneva to empty his bank account. From there he headed to America, still unprepared to return home to his native London. Las Vegas was home for two years and where he met Ronan. Together, and with their two dogs, they moved to New York for Ronan to attend school. But NYC brought it's own trials, with Ronan's telepathy and Ben's ability and after a few years, they decided that somewhere smaller might be better. Somewhere quieter.

Enter Repose.

Repose was quieter, compared to the sheer noise that a city could generate, and smaller, but just as strange. And things were good for a while, with Ronan, and the dogs, and Ben teaching yoga at the center in town. Distance crept in, and the furthest distance in the world felt like the space between he and Ronan. Doors that had once been open were now closed, and with all the shifts Ronan was picking up at the diner, there was no chance to see him. Then his mom called -- his dad had had a heart attack, a bad one, and they weren't sure if he would survive.

With his relationship already rocky, he went back to London, but never heard from Ronan again. He tried to tell himself there was no reason to return, and so he remained, helping his dad through rehab, and a full two years later, after listening to his mom and dad ask if he was going to date again, he tried. Lunch here, a coffee date there, even tea, and none of it was right. He spent more time at the gym, working out his frustrations until one man wasn't quite as wrong as the others. James.

He was funny and kind, and one date progressed into two, then into three, and then into spending the night. It wasn't as good as it had been with Ronan, but it was all right and Ben could content himself with all right.

Until a Wish was made, and he showed up back in Ronan's bed. Not that he was meant to show up there in that moment, but it was done, and even as angry as he was after, it didn't replace the sweet relief of being close to his ex one more time.

And settling for content was no longer okay.

What he did after was the only right thing to do and upon his return to London, he ended things with James. It took him a little longer to decide everything else -- should he go back? Should he even try? But everything in him told him that he needed to at least see without his promises to James weighing on him. He packed up his flat and purchased a one way ticket to Repose.

It was reckless in a way he wasn't, ballsy where he was steadfast, but he came. Sometimes life required a leap.


Latent Telepathy - He can communicate telepathically to those he's emotionally close to.
Medium - He can communicate with, but not see, ghosts/spirits.

ICONS: Ben by the lovely Henry Cavill
PROFILE LAYOUT: By [info]splott via [info]rp_tutorials
JOURNAL: [info]agoodman for [info]doors & [info]rooms & [info]repose