March 2014






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Player Info:
Name: Diana
Are you over 18? Yep
Timezone: Est
Discord/gtalk/CDJ/ misc. contact info: Dragonlordess#4958
PB: Henry Cavill
Character Journal: ~agoodman

Character Information
Character Name: Ben Wolf
Nickname(s)/Codename: Wolf
Age and Birthday: May 5, 39 years of age
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Fluid
Residence location: Usually squatting in various abandoned buildings
Faction: Guardians, Wolf School
Job/Student?: Guardian
Abilities/strengths & Limitations/weaknesses:

  • Peak Human Condition
    - Efficient body - He has bodily systems that are perfectly optimized, allowing him to make best use of his metabolism, immune system and temperature regulation. Even with this, he has increased need for caloric intake and eats frequently to maintain his abilities and his strength.
    - Agility - Even with his size, he's extremely agile, which lends well to his ability to fight. However, this required practice to maintain.
    - Longevity - Due to his optimization of his bodily systems, he has increased longevity and ages slower than other humans.

  • Cat eyes - his eyes are golden and slitted like a cat, they are also reflective and give him increased vision in low light environments
  • Minor magic use - he can do several different magical things that require the use of his hands to make a sigil. He cannot cast multiple spells at one time, and he does need 1-5 minutes to rejuvenate enough to cast another one. If he's casting a lot within a short amount of time, it will take him longer to rejuvenate.
    - Aard - force blast, one target only, enough to make a larger opponent step back, a smaller opponent would fall back
    - Igni - a single wave of fire in a semicircle from him that goes approximately 1-2 meters out, can catch things on fire
    - Yrden - a magical containment trap, area of effect. Approximately 2 meters wide, lasts for approximately 20 seconds. Someone could move about freely within it, but cannot leave it.
    - Quen - a basic shield that is limited to him, it takes damage before he does.
    - Nil - a spell that temporarily nullifies any powers that require activation within a specific area (2 meter circle) Duration: 15 seconds. If he steps inside, it will also affect him.
  • Sterile - the same rituals that created him have rendered him completely sterile and unable to father children.

Appearance: White hair, under shaved, frequently pulled back and out of his face. Yellow, slitted eyes. 6'3, muscular, and frequently wears black, though the material varies.

He usually drives a 2019 Triumph Rocket 3 TFC with a custom plate that reads ROACH.

Personality: If anyone extols the virtues of being good versus being nice, it's Ben. He's not interested in singing his own praises, and he expects humans to behave as humans do. Scared, angry, happy, relieved -- what he worries about is evil. Those that prey upon the weak, monsters that prey upon humans, humans who are scared and lashing out with powers they don't understand -- those are the ones he concerns himself with, and each of them evoke different reactions from him.

He very much considers himself separated from baseline humans, but not better than them. Just different, with a rare set of skills to help keep them safe from things that do worse than go bump in the night.

He has a very dry sense of humor, is slow to anger but quick to fight.

History: Somewhere he has a mother, and a father. He assumes there are other children as well, but his sole memory is of other children laughing, and one crying.

And while he has no memory of coming to them, or his early years spent there, he knows they were spent on the Scottish Moors. Memories of before are far and few between: the mud sucking at his boots, bagpipes in the distance and feeling alone, with the fire in his room crackling and winter chill seeping in through the window.

He doesn't remember the beginning of the ritual, doesn't remember drinking any of the potions and tonics that they made for him to begin his change. Through the fog of ritual and potion what he remembered was being hot, and everything being tinged fever-red. And once it was done, everything seemed like too much, the smells he could sense, the lights too bright, the shadows not deep enough.

Later, Vladimir would tell him that each of the trials nearly killed him, and none managed. From there his body healed quickly and his real training began. The weapons master, a dark skinned woman named Visenya was not one of them, but she was even more ruthless than Vladimir. Swords, crossbows, knives, axes, light firearms, hand-to-hand combat -- some days he trained from sun up to sun down, and there were no breaks for meals, it was what he could eat while he was still moving. On the days where he wasn't working his body, he was being tested on a number of creatures and monsters. How to stop them, how to placate them, how they were created and how to defeat them if he needed to.

Vladimir would quiz him mid-fight, test him on his knowledge, and make him work the slight magic that he knew how to do. Failure to continue fighting with Visenya or to answer Vladimir correctly meant they both took him to task and worked him harder. It was exhausting, but what he would eventually encounter meant that he needed the training if he wanted to survive.

Survival was important. Not that he cared as the days spanned into years, but people could be hurt if he wasn't alive, and then somewhere, invariably, he'd get blamed for it, and that irked him.

His schooling continued, both with weapons, monsters, and general lessons that he found boring but were nonetheless required.

At eighteen, he began his first hunts under the tutelage of both Vladimir and Visenya. The first was easy enough: a giant worm beneath a hill that was terrorizing villagers and livestock both. The first wash of its blood had coated him from head to toe, and he came back to the craggy remains of the castle, with the things head being drawn behind by a net. It was messy, but a good lesson.

The second lesson? Nothing was done for free. He had no other ways of making money, none save for his skill with a weapon -- but he wasn't a mercenary. He wasn't anywhere to kill baseline humans, unless they drew on him first.

His territory on hunts grew wider until Vladimir pronounced him graduated. What was left to teach him couldn't be done within the walls of the castle; it had to be taught by experience and Ben was given his first assignment, and shipped far from home, where all was concrete and glass.

New York City.

It stank to his senses, but people generally ignored him, and he found comfort in that. Still does.

What non-powered skills do expect this character to have?: He has extensive knowledge in multiple weapons and forms of fighting and picks up languages easily, but only knows English and Scottish Gaelic proficiently. And he's very good at reading people and situations, though whether he reacts well to that read is situational. He is an expert at various monsters, and a decent chemist from making his own potions and oils for enhancing his senses or for trapping various things.

Plot ideas: There are sometimes business cards that can be found littered around the city, nothing expensive, but it reads simply 'Problems?' With the blue and white snowflake on the front and a phone number on the back. The only message on the answering machine says to leave a name and number.

Visenya - Is a black woman with extensive skills in weapons and combat that I would love to see. She is not a Guardian, but could be something else.

Former lovers - Usually one night stands that can be met with varying degrees of cussing from Ben.

Are you comfortable with the possibility of this character being killed? Probably not.

How is this character connected to the Bronx? His current residence is in the Bronx, and he feels more comfortable there than in the more lavish places in the city.


Hey Diana! We had a few things for Ben’s app that we wanted to clarify.

• You mention in the Factions section that Ben is in a faction called “Guardians”. Is that a new faction that needs to be added to the Factions page, or is this more of a personal thing that wouldn’t have any other members in NYC?
• In the Powers and Abilities section, you listed that he has Peak Human Condition, but all that’s there for an explanation of the ability is a link to the Power Listing wiki. Is that saying that he has all of the benefits of the ability? Does he have any weaknesses from his peak human condition?
• For the trap magic that Ben can use, what does the trap actually do? Does it stop the person in place? Clamp down like a bear trap? Make a magical pit to drop them into? Something else? If you could go into more detail about what the trap does and how it works, that would be great.
• For the nullification spell, does it affect all powers? Just magical ones? Physical mutations? We just want to make sure that’s completely clear so that no one misunderstands what it does.
• In the Plot Ideas section, you have an idea for Ben to basically drop business cards all throughout the city in case people have problems. We’re perfectly fine with that idea, we did want to mention that this could potentially cause issues for Ben in the future (e.g. make him a target, trap him, or even something as silly as having the number put on bathroom stall walls “For a good time, call this number”) due to the phrasing on the cards calling attention to the existence of monsters and people with powers when those things aren’t inherently public knowledge. Naturally, we’d ask beforehand, but it’s definitely something we’d enjoy playing around with as mods. If you want to change it, though, please feel free as well if you wish to make the cards more vague so that they’re not as unusual a sight and would be less likely to be taken advantage of.

- This is not something that should be added to the factions page, as there shouldn't be anymore (I would think) in NYC.
- I clarified his peak physical human condition a bit, please let me know if that works.
- I added detail on both his trap and the nullification, let me know if that's clearer?
- I changed the card, and I think it will work better, but again, let me know.
Hi Diana,

From a quick review that all looks good and makes sense to us. Nothing else needed. Thanks for helping us understand better where you were coming from and how you see the character working in the world, it’s appreciated! 

Thanks,~Divisions Mods